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                          卓動科技 卓動科技

                          Internet service provider for the world

                          • Business diversification
                          • |
                          • Service customization
                          • |
                          • Market globalization

                          Do Something Impressive With the Heart of Excellence

                          Guangzhou JODO Tech Ltd. is committed to Publishing, E-Commerce, Application Software, Enterprise Services and other fields;

                          Hitherto, our business has covered more than 100 countries and will continue to explore more possibilities in the future.




                          United States


                          United Kingdom




                          Our business

                          JODO upholds the business philosophy of "Diversity, Cooperation, and Win-win" and is committed to becoming the world's leading Internet service provider.


                          Big Data and AI

                          High-performance user portrait query and exploration, AB effect tracking, effectively solve the industry's weak spots such as low marketing efficiency and insensitive business insights faced by merchants, and create targeted personalized marketing solutions.


                          Software Service

                          Develop and operate live entertainment, software cleaner, and other tool products, provide personalized advertising recommendations for different users, and maximize advertising benefits and rate of return.


                          Corporate Services

                          Provide technical support, financial planning, business management consulting, talent recruitment, business promotion, and other diversified business management consulting services for entrepreneurial teams and enterprises to achieve resource sharing and mutual benefit.


                          Game business

                          JODO is the pioneer of "overseas business" in the game industry. It has a wealth of developers and network cooperation resources and is committed to exploring the global cooperation.

                          Our advantage

                          Only innovation and perseverance can achieve success

                          Extensive overseas experience

                          Years of accumulation in the Internet industry

                          Rich overseas experience

                          Efficient business team

                          Creative young team

                          Extremely agile and efficient

                          Leading technology advantage

                          Strategical tool support

                          Business support with leading technology

                          Rich industrial resources

                          Abundant industry power

                          High-quality industrial chain integration capabilities

                          Seeing business from a global perspective

                          Polish products based on global user feedback

                          Global channel vision

                          Latest News

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